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Saturday, August 25

The Chi-Lites - Have you seen her.




Thursday, August 23

President Obama: "We've Come Too Far to Turn Back Now."

How to Use the Online Call Tool on

BE SURE TO PRESS *67  Before you dial, If they ask why 

you blocked the call, politely say,

"I'm volunteering my time and this is my private phone," 
then go 
or say you Love to help out.
then go back to the script.

Don't waste their time, we need you to finish all the questions.

And, I'm checking to see if people from other countries can call
since this was a question posted.

I'm pretty sure the answer is, You have to be a US Citizen;

however, I'll check to be sure.

"Clear Choice" - Obama for America TV Ad


Grim Asia Trade Data Dents Global Recovery Hopes - Swagbucks TV

Grim Asia Trade Data Dents Global Recovery Hopes - Swagbucks TV

Labor Group Gives Apple Supplier Passing Grade - Swagbucks TV

Labor Group Gives Apple Supplier Passing Grade - Swagbucks TV

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Wednesday, August 22

Cost Efficient Homes and Green Energy

The trend toward homes that are powered by alternative energy sources, ranging from wind turbines and solar collection cells to hydrogen fuel cells and biomass gases, is one that needs to continue into the 21st century and beyond. We have great need of becoming more energy independent, and not having to rely on the supplying of fossil fuels from unstable nations who are often hostile to us and our interests. But even beyond this factor, we as individuals need to get “off the grid” and also stop having to be so reliant on government-lobbying giant oil corporations who, while they are not really involved in any covert conspiracy, nevertheless have a stranglehold on people when it comes to heating their homes (and if not through oil, then heat usually supplied by grid-driven electricity, another stranglehold).
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5 Ways Hemp will Change Our World

5 Ways Hemp Will Change Our World

ALANNA APRIL 1, 2012 23
Currently in the United States of America it is illegal to grow Hemp. Clear cutting forests, burning fossil fuels, spraying large amounts of pesticides; all these things and more can be avoided from the production and usage of hemp plants. To clarify, I am talking about Hemp, not Marijuana. Hemp will not get you high, Hemp does not contain enough THC to get you high, if you were to smoke it; you would probably just end up with a headache. Hemp is illegal in the United States because it looks too much like its sister Mary Jane. While it is legal almost everywhere else in the world, hemp is still not being used to its full potential.
 1. Paper & Cardboard Products
 Hemp regenerates in months; it grows extremely quickly, sounds like a perfect thing to make paper with. Unlike trees that can take over 30 years to be ready to harvest hemp is ready to go right away! Why are we still clear cutting forests? Hemp is a way better alternative! The paper that is made from hemp doesn’t become yellow or brittle because hemp is naturally acid free. Did you know that the original declaration of independence was written on hemp paper? Hemp can be recycled up to 7 times, while wood pulp paper can only be recycled a maximum of 3 times. Not to mention that 220 million pounds of toxic pollution or added into the air and water every year during the production of wood paper and pulp. Hemp paper does not need to be bleached with chlorine; it can be whitened with hydrogen peroxide, which is a lot safer for the water and soil of the earth.
 2. Clothing & Fabrics
 As a fabric, hemp is the optimal choice! ‘Hemp doesn’t wear out, it wears in!’ Hemp clothing becomes softer every time you wash it. Growing hemp requires the use of very little pesticides and no herbicides, so not only is this great for the environment, but in turn, if used for clothing and blankets, it is not harmful for your skin. One acre of hemp will produce as much material as 2-3 acres of cotton. Wow, this hemp really is amazing isn’t it? Hemp material will keep you cool in the heat and keep you warm in the cold, it is known to be 4 times warmer than cotton material! The production of hemp into fabric instead of cotton, as if there aren’t enough amazing facts about hemp fabric as it is, it is also naturally fire retardant! So as oppose to most other fabrics, clothing, bed sheets, linens etc.. it would not need to have fire repellant chemicals added, what a great bonus! :P
 3. Plastic & Building Materials
 Did you know that Henry Ford made a body for a car that was lighter than steel but could stand 10 times the impact without denting? Of course, it was made of hemp! Hemp can be made into various different building materials, hempcrete, fiberboard, carpet, stucco, cement blocks, insulation, and plastic. Not only are Hemp building supplies a lot better for the environment but also walls made from Hemp are rot free, pest free, mold free and fire resistant! Walls made from hemp can last up to 500 years. How’s that for sustainability? Hemp plastic can completely replace oil based plastic materials that we are using today that contain large amounts of dangerous chemicals such as the very well known Bisphenol A. If all our plastics were made from hemp material you could literally purchase something that came in a plastic hemp container and then throw that container directly into the compost, as hemp plastics are completely biodegradable. Now why have we even been using the other harmful destructive ways of producing plastic?
 4. Fuel
 Hemp can be made into fuel in two ways: The oil from the pressed hempseed can be turned into biodiesel. The fermented stalk can be made into ethanol and methanol. Biodiesel is completely biodegradable and a much cleaner fuel for the air. Even the exhaust produced from burning hempseed biodiesel has a pleasant smell. Although hemp is not the greatest alternative to fuel that is available, hemp fuel can be used temporarily because it can be used in all the existing vehicles today without making any alterations. Both sources of hemp fuel are non-toxic and are completely biodegradable.
 5. Nutrition
 So, not only is hemp great for the environment, it is great for your body too! Hemp seeds are known to be one of the most nutritious seeds on the planet! Quite impressive, I know. Along with magnesium, potassium, dietary fiber and almost every vitamin and mineral that the body needs, Hemp seeds contain high amounts of essential omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Hemp seeds are very high in protein, containing 25% protein content. They do not contain phytic acid, which means every last bit of goodness that these tiny seeds have to offer can be absorbed and utilized by the body! Hemp seeds have a great nutty taste to them too, so you’ll enjoy sprinkling them over salads or your other favorite dishes!
 As you can see Hemp is an excellent choice for many different reasons. Almost everything created out of hemp is biodegradable, so not only do hemp products seem to last a lot longer, but when it is time to replace them, they can be returned back to the Earth. What a beautiful cycle. Really its design is perfect. It’s time to implement these new resources, we have the information, we have the technology, so what’s stopping us? The way I see it, Hemp will be at the forefront of a new Earth!
Much Love :)
For more information on the many uses of Hemp visit:

Policy Group Urges Government Fleets to Use Alternative Fuels -

Policy Group Urges Government Fleets to Use Alternative Fuels -

Never Give Up

Tuesday, August 21

BMW i and Four Cylinder Models Gaining Momentum

OVERPRICED, but it is a good thing, they are trying to create cars with
smaller engines; which will be more fuel efficient.
This is a Pretty Cute car, though I don't usually like Overpriced Anything.

BMW i and Four Cylinder Models Gaining Momentum

Tuesday, August 14

US Deploying Surveillance Drones Near China -- News from

The unmanned aerial missions will focus on a Pacific island chain called the Diaoyutai Islands, which have become the focal point of a simmering territorial dispute between China and Japan. 

In keeping with the Obama administration’s antagonistic military postures towards China, the US has backed various neighboring countries from Japan to the Philippines. And it’s no surprise drones have taken a larger role in what the Pentagon plans to make a new military theater of Air-Sea Battle.
New war strategies called “Air-Sea Battle” reveal Washington’s broader goals in the region and illustrate how a war with China – which the US apparently yearns for – would play out.

US Deploying Surveillance Drones Near China -- News from

THE MARC FABER BLOG: Marc Faber Outlook for 2012

THE MARC FABER BLOG: Marc Faber Outlook for 2012

USDA: Ongoing drought causes significant crop yield declines

USDA: Ongoing drought causes significant crop yield declines

Wednesday, August 1

Stunning Crimes of the Big Banks: Worse than Your Wildest Imagination - Washington's Blog

Stunning Crimes of the Big Banks: Worse than Your Wildest Imagination - Washington's Blog

WoW, this is LOADED information. Viewer discretion is advised. If you think for a moment that this stuff isn't true, I'd advise you to take another look.
I'm not surprised however, most of this stuff we already knew,
it get's swept under the rug everytime.
The People(WE) have to Stand UP for Ourselves.
This doesn't mean violence however.
There are MANY CONSTRUCTIVE WAYS to get Our Point Across.

Reality Check: Do We Really Need To Audit The Federal Reserve?